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Costly Tradeoff With the Wait for the Vaccine Pandemic Strategy

Since over a decade, Americans and the majority of global populations have lived in fear and sacrifice, and are concerned about COVID-19. Few people understand or have been allowed to reject the strategy of waiting for vaccines in a pandemic.Unseen by the public was an important tradeoff that was made between saving the lives of those infected with COVID in the first months of pandemic and waiting until COVID vaccinations could save the world. The trade-off was against the ethics and principles of medicine and undermined American democratic values. The US led the way in many countries.This is the key to this strategy. The tradeoff occurred despite the fact that there was a large amount of evidence from US and other countries showing pioneering clinicians found early COVID home/outpatient treatments to be successful. They were real cures because they stopped viral infections in their first stage of viral replication. Treatment kept those with symptoms from going to the hospital.Another aspect of this tradeoff is that hospitals were overwhelmed by COVID patients who had progressed from the initial stage to the much worse symptoms of the second and the third stages. The inevitable result of waiting to get COVID vaccinations and not supporting early home/outpatient treatments was immense pain, suffering and deaths.Pandemic Blunder contains detailed information and statistics on positive results of these treatments. In a pro-treatment article, it was noted that two prominent physicians treated themselves with ivermectin when infected by COVID. Public use of a good source for early treatment data should be encouraged.Even today, some people still have a negative view of the generic drugs that are used to treat COVID in most treatment protocols. These include ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, which is one of the cheapest.In March 2020 the first data on treatment effectiveness was made public, mainly by Dr. V. Zelenko. He is a community doctor in New York. Several other doctors followed the epidemic in the first months and continue to use both generics today with great success. The mainstream media and corporate social networks have refused to see the “solution” as a positive one. This refusal to follow science was largely due to the fact that, under Dr. Fauci’s leadership, both NIH & FDA released guidance prohibiting the wide use of generics. This effectively killed the use of COVID for both health workers and general patients. What actually happened?The NIH and FDA officials decided behind the scenes to implement the strategy of waiting for vaccines. They also convinced the White House Pandemic Task Force and President Trump to invest billions in Operation Warp Speed by April 2020.Peter McCullough, a renowned physician and expert in the field of cancer treatment, made an important statement: “All treatments were abandoned.” The Warp Speed team was focused on vaccine development and any treatment information was suppressed. He said 85 percent of COVID-related deaths could be avoided with the right treatment. In November 2020, he stated that “we can avoid hospitalization and deaths” and spoke about a crime committed against humanity due to negative attitudes towards early home treatments.It is important to realize that of the 600,000 deaths caused by COVID in the US today, over 500,000 could be prevented using the treatment method. Over 3 million lives worldwide could have been spared. Clinical evidence led to this important conclusion: Pandemic Blunder’s view on preventable deaths.The media, too, has refused to accept what many experts say about how the opportunity to save lifes was lost.I believe that any doctor who has an adverse view on the treatment based upon hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin either has not examined the available data enough or is a victim of propaganda or disinformation spread by the big media. It is not a secret. The FDA has approved both generics and they have been used for many years without incident. Physicians can access useful information about early treatment through the websites of Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), and America’s Frontline Doctors. America’s Frontline Doctors and Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. These groups can provide ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine to people.We are now in the COVID vaccination stage, with all vaccines correctly classified as experimental. These vaccines aren’t FDA-approved, but they are being used as an emergency. In the US, and in many other countries as well, there are countless reports of serious health effects and deaths related to vaccines. Health Impact News, and the COVID blog are two websites that provide good information about vaccine-related impacts. These sites are ignored by mainstream media.Peter McCullough, a Dr. at the University of Washington Medical School said recently that “if it were another vaccine or drug, this would already have been removed from the market for reasons of safety.” Based on safety data, I cannot recommend this vaccine anymore. McCullough said that there were over 4,000 Americans who died, and over 10,000 Europeans in the first, second, or third day after receiving the vaccine.COVID is a reality: as of May 7, 192,954 reports of adverse events associated with COVID vaccinations were reported to the CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), including 4,057 fatalities. According to previous studies including one by Harvard University, only 1-10% of vaccine-related adverse effects are reported to VAERS. Other words, it is likely that more deaths are caused by the COVID vaccinations than have been reported. In terms of informed consent, it is important to note that people who receive the COVID vaccine do not know about CDC statistics or the serious global health effects.In comparison, VAERS reports 20-30 deaths each year that are related to flu shots. This is despite 195 millions people receiving flu vaccines, which is far more than the COVID vaccination rate.Dr. Marty Makary is a Johns Hopkins doctor who tells the truth. He has said that natural immunity does work and it’s wrong to criticize those people for not wanting the vaccine, because they are already immune from the virus. He said that natural immunity is older than vaccinated immune protection, and therefore has more evidence. Makary stated that we should respect people who do not choose to receive the vaccine, rather than demonize them. Recent reports have stated that approximately 150 million Americans possess natural immunity.In order to prevent generics such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine from being accessed, the Fauci strategy had to limit access. Federal stockpiles of hydroxychloroquine were not utilized. It was necessary for the pandemic to escalate and generate consumer demand, while millions of people died in an unnecessary manner. Fauci, along with other federal doctors, failed to live up to their duty to do no harm by acting quickly and effectively to help their patients avoid hospitalization or death.Was the true reason for delaying the vaccination strategy?


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