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What Options Do You Have – Hair Transplant Surgery

In the next paragraphs, we’ll go into more detail about these choices. 1. FUT or FuHT? This type of hair transplant involves the surgical closure of the “STRIP”, in two layers. It is better to use a trichophitic method, which is a reverse-oblique cut of the border. It is possible to increase the area of STRIP by increasing the thickness, length and serpentine course. In a single procedure, a maximum of 7000 hair follicles can be transplanted using the best STRIP available. A TERRIBLE METHOD You get a SCARE. You will be in pain at least for 10 days. During the operation, blood is lost. During the procedure nerves are cut, and the patient experiences a very long period of Numbness over the back part of their scalp. The skin at the back of the scalp loses a portion of its vertical dimension, and you feel a stretching sensation at the back of the scale when looking downwards. This procedure has evolved slowly from the 600 follicles per sitting to now up to 4,500 in a single sitting. It depends on the skill of the surgeon and the area of DONOR of the patient in relation to their needs. If your doctor cannot provide you with the desired amount of follicles at one sitting, he will try to convince you that multiple sessions of 1500 follicles are better. This is his/her way to hide their incompetence. 3. The FUE with BHT procedure is a combination of FUE and body hair transplantation. 4. FUE WITH FUT- Some surgeons give their patients this notion, just to make it easier for them to learn the art of FUE. This is not beneficial to the patient. 6. The FUE with HAIR WEAVING or Bonding – When the DONOR AREA has a deficiency, a front area will be covered by the transplantation procedure and the rest of the vertex/back area covered with partial weaving/bonding. This makes the FRONT area look natural, as well as making the bonding or wig 100% undetectable. Can you guess who are the Bollywood stars that use it? FINALLY: — FUE, or FOLLICULAR UNITED EXCISION is what it’s called these days. If you require any assistance, please visit


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