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George Gstar Discusses Medical Marijuana and Cannabis Business

George Gstar discusses Cannabis Space

Though cannabis medical or recreational has only been legalized in 29 U.S. states including the District of Columbia, health experts in a majority numbers have all agreed that medical marijuana is well worth researching the medical benefits of. Also, a large number of the top doctors and medical researchers have agreed that there are significant health benefits in the use of marijuana as a medical treatment.

Today, I am writing about George GStar, and individual that I was recently able to speak with on this subject in more detail. George Gstar, also know as GStar, by his popular stage name from MTV’s: True Life, has morphed from a known TV celebrity to a serial entrepreneur amassing a net worth of more than $150M all before the age of 30. He told us that he started making his initial millions in the trucking, logistics, and recycling space and was able to build a solid reputation in several markets. Later on, around 2010 George Gstar started getting heavily involved in the marijuana space around the top of the country’s first legislative development of cannabis in Colorado.

George Gstar went on to becoming one of the first graduates of the “First Cannabis University” known as Oaksterdam University, based in Oakland, California. He graduated from the university in 2011. George Gstar became very educated in the medical marijuana industry and always had curiosity about it and in particular the positive effects it has mentally, because of anxiety and PTSD issues that George struggled with throughout his life.

He wants to help people on educate them on the benefits of medical marijuana over traditional pharmaceuticals to help fight depression and anxiety. This led him to start several businesses around the industry, including a medical marijuana quality control laboratory in Denver, Colorado that ensures the best quality of the substance for human use, an operating more than 6 dispensaries between California and Colorado. He is an advocate for natural health and relaxation treatments and is against the use of what he calls “dangerous” pharmaceuticals that have long-term negative effects on the body and brain. He has a passion for the industry and to help people who struggled with the same issues he did, and in turn he has been able to build a successful marijuana empire worth millions.

George Gstar is currently becoming popular in the internet space as well, you follow George at his Instagram at


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