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What I Have Learned About Anxiety Online

I have had anxiety most of my life and I am at the point in my life where I want to say “good-bye” to it permanently! If you have anxiety and would like to get rid of it, then maybe this article will help. Anxiety makes one feel that something “earth-shaking” is about to happen but in reality, unless anxiety is being caused by something life-threatening, then it is simply a nuisance.

Like many, I often do research online when I am looking for something that might enrich my life and make it better. This has been the case with anxiety. Before giving you some helpful hints on lessening anxiety in your life, let me say that first of all, I am a Christian and I go first to God for help and guidance with any problem or concern. He then leads me to other places, such as online to get the help I need.

There are many good and qualified sites online that deal with physical and emotional problems. YouTube has many sites that talk about anxiety and how to get rid of it. One site that has helped me is Mark Tyrrell’s YouTube sites. He discusses many easy ways to lower anxiety and his sites have been a Godsend to me and many others.

On one of his sites he discusses 6 simple ways to reduce anxiety. The first way is to name the anxiety. When you name the anxiety, what is causing you concern, you lessen the effect of the anxiety. The second way is to face the anxiety. When you ignore the anxiety, you make it stronger. So, face the anxiety!. The third way is to breathe out the anxiety. Breathe in quickly for several seconds and then breathe out quickly for a bit longer.

The fourth step is to grade the anxiety. When you grade the anxiety, you lessen the effect it has on you and that makes you feel calmer and more in control. The fifth way is to discharge the anxiety. That is, do some kind of exercise that gets you mind off of the anxiety; much like a good solid exercise that gets you going. Lastly, apply the AWARE technique. A==accept the feeling, W==watch it and grade it, A==act normal, R==repeat and E==expect the best.

Try the AWARE technique and try the six steps and see if you feel better. Also, he mentioned chewing gum when feeling anxious. Chewing gum gives you control of the anxiety and acts as a great way to calm down and be in control.

To conclude, anxiety doesn’t have to be the thing that controls your life. Get back your control and lose the anxiety! You can do it! Follow the above steps, get optimal sleep and soon you may find relief and peace from anxiety.


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