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Harder Erections in Your Golden Years

You may find it more challenging to get an erection today than you did in the past. In adolescence young men only needed to fantasize and they would get an erection in seconds. It is normal for men to have a longer time getting erections. It is possible that testosterone levels are decreasing as men get older, which could explain why it takes longer for an erection to occur.

The testes shrink with age and produce less testosterone, which is necessary for men to enjoy a sexually healthy life. Around the age 40 mark, testosterone levels in men begin to decline every year. They then begin to plateau around the age 60.

You may also have noticed that you are taking longer to recover after an orgasm. You may recall that in your younger years, you were able to complete an encounter sexually and get another erection within a few minutes. In your 30s you will need to wait at least 30 mins for another erection. You may require several hours if you’re over 50.

Male Erectile Disorder

The male erectile dysfunction does not always occur in older men. This disorder can affect you in your 40s and 30s. This disorder is when men have difficulty obtaining an inability to keep the erection for long enough to perform a sexual act. This is called a “generalized condition” if you have this problem when engaging in sexual activities.

Male erectile dysfunction is usually “situational,” meaning that it happens sometimes but not always. You are not alone if this is you. Around 30 million American males experience the same problem.

Performance Anxiety

The male erectile dysfunction is not always associated with age. It is not uncommon for men to experience normal function for many years. However, it’s also common for men to occasionally have difficulty obtaining an in erection. It depends on what is going on at the time. After a night spent drinking alcohol, for example, men may find it difficult to get an erection. It can happen if the man is anxious about impressing his new partner. A man may be too tired at any given time to give his best performance.

Men who are unable to erection can be confused. They don’t think it is a common occurrence. They worry about the possibility of experiencing the same problem the next time. The worry that he will experience the same thing again can cause him to suffer from “performance anxiety”, which causes him to be unable to perform. This can lead to a vicious cycle of failure and anxiety that goes on for years.

It is a Solution

You can get help if you recognize yourself. VigRXPlus will show you the best way to achieve a stronger erection that lasts longer and is bigger than anything you’ve experienced in recent memory. The natural herbs used to create this supplement do not cause side effects. The product actually contains Damiana, and Tribulus. Both Mayans and Europeans believe that these two herbs increase libido, and can treat male erectile dysfunction. It has also been recommended by Dr. Steven Lam.

Human Sexuality In A World Of Diversity, by Spencer A. Rathus and Lois Ficher Rathus.


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